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Unlock Romania's Maritime Talent: Your Source for Exceptional Crew Members Global Shipping is your gateway to a treasure trove of maritime talent from Romania.

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Expertise and Precision

With years of experience, we understand the unique demands of the cruise industry. Our precise recruitment process ensures that you'll have the right talent for each department.

A Romanian Maritime Tradition

Romania has a rich heritage of seafaring, and we're tapping into this legacy to source highly skilled professionals. These seafarers bring both tradition and innovation to your vessels.

Compliance and Quality

We adhere rigorously to industry regulations and international standards, ensuring the onboard safety, satisfaction, and success of both passengers and crew.

Training and Preparation

Global Shipping doesn't just recruit; we prepare our candidates for life at sea. They arrive ready to excel in their respective roles, enhancing the passenger experience.

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Your ships deserve the best, and Global Shipping is your trusted partner in sourcing the most exceptional talent Romania has to offer.

Experienced deckhands and navigational experts to ensure the safe and smooth operation of your ships.

Deck Department

Dedicated engineers, technicians, and maintenance experts to maintain ship systems and machinery.

Engine Department

Proficient stewards, bartenders, chefs, and guest service personnel committed to delivering an outstanding onboard experience.

Hotel Department

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We're here to ensure your cruise ships are staffed with the finest professionals in the industry.

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